The same as a cooking recipe a project should have many preparations even before it is done or planned, and to make a proper cake we need a proper vision of where we are going. The successful project begins even before the planning begins, there are many things to do before even starting the plan.

  • Project vision
  • Executive sponsorship
  • project scope targets
  • publicizing plans and progress
  • risk management
  • Personnel strategies
  • time accounting


the vision is a guide that inspires the team to achieve its goals a vision must be well established and must well be based on achievable goals. The project vision not only dictates what must be done we also determinate what must be left out of the software.


Stephanie in the famous kids show Lazy town showing how to properly cook by the book


Executive sponsorship

Executive sponsorship is the support given to the person or groups who has final authority over project wide decisions. Its important to make decisions with good sponsorship because sometimes is the same control board to which the project must respond.

Project scope targets

Before the project is started we must have intended of budged, schedule, staffing, and feature set of the software. In this part we are not talking about estimates but more about tentative targets. As the project progress the team becomes aware of how much of every resource is excatly needed and therefore the development process is refined.

The best organizations plan to reestimate regularly throughout the project and periodically adjust their project plans based on the re estimations.

Publicizing plans and projects

Much of the time the plans are not exactly private but also the people that are conducting this plans take little effort on making them public. Project plans must be reviewed and approved by the people that must execute them. If this phase is not taken into account is possible the project team will make its decision of approving or disapproving the plan by itself.  On a healthy project, all of the planning materials are public available and for review.

rglfizfStephanie was not ready for the last second mainframe implementation minutes before release but that is not administrations department business.

Risk management

Success at risk management consists on making the commitment to perform risk management, developing an ability to perform it, carrying out activities to perform it, and verifying that the plan for management risk has been effective.

Personnel strategies

Here we must take into account the people of the project,because losing a person or 2 or 5 can be just as much impact for the company as loosing thousands, is the people in the project the one that is actually doing the job and is part of the project and human resources to keep them satisfy with the work they are doing. Some characteristics of plans focused on peopleware are.

  • Managers are evaluated based on how well they retained project personal.
  • All members of the project have access to professional growth.
  • Developers believe in the vision of the project and emerge from the project feeling better about the company.


McConnell, S. (1998). Software Project Survival Guide. Microsoft Press.

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