Pragmatic mind

This is my review from chapter 1 from the pragmatic programmer. This are the very few pages that I have read of this book and I must say that I am very excited, I don’t know how exactly is the rest of this book but so far has been really entertained, not very technical and with a lot of style that keeps giving even after more than 17 years and I believe that the fact that we can keep learning from a books about software development so far from that time means that although much of the technology is changing and moving forward some old lessons must always stay as the base of the learning for every computer scientist or teach savvy or software engineer. The knowledge from this chapter can be divided in two big sections, the outsiders and yourself. The Autor talks about some issues that as a person and not only a software developer we must take care and that is the communication, and communication goes both ways, first to ourselves being critical with the many decisions we take and being careful how we judge what we hear, not taking things for granted.

The pragmatic programmer must excel at caring his creation, we must keep a quiet and steady eye in the need that arise and solve them. The programmer must also stay in constant focus learning new technologies, learning  new programming languages and different technology trends so we can take advantage and to keep us ready for change.


Hardwork and dedication makes the best cake.

On the other the programmer must stay in contact with one very important person in the software process and that is the client, and that is where I believe the duality of communication must take place, the proper software can only be tested against that  one customer that requires the software and even then sometimes he the client doesn’t exactly knows what he is asking for, some of the lessons that we have already talked about take place in here like how to handle milestones and how to make planning before even going in to the codding labor, and that communication must remain along the development of the project.

Overall I’m really liking this book and it encourages me to put dedication to my “computer crafts”, I recommend everyone to give it a try and if you want to keep reading what I have to say about further chapter  of this books stay in touch. See you soon.


Hunt, Andrew, and David Thomas. “The Pragmatic Programmer.” Addison Wesley 15


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