Final countdown

Chapter 11 of software project survival guide. The fianl preparations period build on and extends the preliminary planning that was performed before the requirements development and architecture pass. At final preparations time, the project team is ready to create its forst estimate develop a plan to deliver its most important fuctionality and refine its other plans.

Project estimates.

As soon as requirements have been baselined, the project team can create meaningful estimates for effort, cost, and schedule. Keep these rules of thumb about software estimation in mind.

  • Its possible to estimate software projects accurately.
  • Accurate estimates take time.
  • Accurate estimates requieree a qualitative apporach, preferable one supported by a software estimate tool.
  • The most accurate estimate are based on data from projects completed by the organization doing the current project.
  • Estimates requiere refinement as the project progresses. jixfgqlProyect estimates.

Estimate procedure guidelines.

The estimation procedure should by written. Estimates should be created by an expert estimator or by the most expert development, quality assurance, and documentation staff available. Estimates should include time for all normal activities.

The project plan should not assume the team will will work overtime. If the project plan assumes that the team will work overtime the project won’t have any reserves to draw from. This is relevant to that project manager that came to visit us 2 weaks ago were he sead that programmers tend to be more cualitaty and that a programmer need to know can be achieved, if the programmer feels that the project is imposible to achieve then he will stop working properly.

Estimates should be based on data from completed projects. Or in case that you are starting in the business ask other people how much they used as a butget and start from there.


Hunt, Andrew, and David Thomas. “The Pragmatic Programmer.” Addison Wesley 15

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