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This is the part of the proyect where we find again that the proyect basics must be stablished before the proyect even begins,  determine the requiremets, AKA listening the user is not enought, is one of the basics the proyects need in the planning stage, and requiremets is one of the biggest parts of the proyect because as the experience of the many proyect managers that have been to our class have pointed out, requirements are at the mercy of the imagination of the client.


What a fantastic show


Many books seem to imply that the requirements are already there the moment you aproach the user to request them, the reality of the requirements and what is important to understand is that they are hidden beneath the ground.

Requirement : A statement of something that needs to be accomplished. Good requirements might include the follow.

  • An employee record may be viewed only by a nominatd group of people.
  • The cylinder-head temperature must not exceed the cirtical value, which varies by engine.
  • The editor will highlight keywords, which will be selected depending on the type of file being edited.

The first statement in the list above may have been stated by the users as “Only an employee’s supervisors and the personnel department may view that employee’s records.” Is this statement truly a requirement? Perhaps today, but it embeds business policy in an absolute statement. Policies change regularly, so we probably don’t want to hardwire them into our requirements. Our recommendation is to document these policies separately from the requirement, and hyperlink the two.

Abstractions Live Longer than Details

One very important thing to take into account when we make the system is that the user interface is as important as the system itself, we cannot create a system that is not addecuate for the user, every complex interfaces or non intuitive interfaces have the same problem, is that the functionality is of the system is not exploited by the user because he does not recognize with ease what is in front of him. Make easy to understand interfaces, make contact with the user and see what its currently using to know what he can use later.

In the current years it is imposible for Y2K problem to exist, vast amounts of memory are available and history has shown the damage such problems may cause.


How hard is your puzzle.

The popular buzz-phrase “thinking outside the box” encourages us to recognize constraints that might not be applicable and to ignore them. But this phrase isn’t entirely accurate. If the “box” is the boundary of constraints and conditions, then the trick is to find the box, which may be considerably larger than you think.

The key to solving puzzles is both to recognize the constraints placed on you and to recognize the degrees of freedom you do have, for in those you’ll find your solution. This is why some puzzles are so effective; you may dismiss potential solutions too readily.


can you connect all of the dots in the following puzzle and return to the starting point with just three straight lines—without lifting your pen from the paper or retracing your steps ?


Hunt, Andrew, and David Thomas. “The Pragmatic Programmer.” Addison Wesley 15

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