During construction, the successful project teambecomes increasinglyvigilantabout findingways to make the software simpler and to control changes to it. Progress will be highly visible as the project manager monitors key progress indicators, including miniature milestones, defects, the top 10 risks list, and the system itself.

Coding standards

The goal of a Coding Standard is to make the whole program look more like a blanket made of a single material than a patchwork quilt made of mismatched scraps. The Coding Standard typically addresses several areas :

  • Layout of classes, modules, routines, and code within routines
  • Commenting of classes, modules, routines, and code within
  • routines
  • Variable names
  • Function names, including names for common operations such
    as getting and setting values within a class or module
  • Maximum length of a routine in lines of source code
  • Maximum number of routines within a class
  • Degree of complexity allowed, including restrictions on the use
    of the Goto statement, logical tests, loop nesting, and so on
  • Code-level enforcements of architectural standards for memory
    management, error processing, string storage, and so on
  • Versions of tools and libraries to be used

Proyect objectives

As they did during detailed design, developers should continue looking for ways to optimize the project goals during construction. Construction presents many opportunities to make the project simpler or more complex, more robust or more fragile, more nimble or more ponderous.

Software integration procedure

This consists of the many processes that need to be done before we are sure that a process in the program is complete


McConnell, S. (1998). Software Project Survival Guide. Microsoft Press.

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