Proyect history

Information stored in a project’s software project history document will be useful to future projects. The software project history uses data from the software project log, wich is updated at the end of each stage;  the project history distills general lessons from that data. On well-run projects, most of the data needed for the software project history will be readily available and the project history will be easy to create.

Some project review meeting at the end of the project. Other collect e mail summaries of what each proyect member thinks has worked and not worked. Regardless of the specific data-gathering technique, gathering the project members subjective impressions about what worked and what did not is imporntatn and gathering that information soon after the project is complete is a good idea.

To realize maximum benefit from the software project history, package the conclusions drawn from the project history analysis in at least these two forms:

  • Create a planning checklist for future projets. If the project team already has a planning checklist, the checklist should be updated to address the major issues discussed in the project history.
  • Feed the major risks identified during the project into a top 10 risks list template, wich the next project can uses as the basis for its initial risk list.

With this I have cover all of the book Software project survival guide. I hope you have had a nice read as I did and expect to read more from me in the future. Until then, see you space cowboys.



McConnell, S. (1998). Software Project Survival Guide. Microsoft Press.