The risks and management challenges in the digital era.

This month I decided it was a good time to start managing all of my passwords, for a long time I had managed all of my information in a pretty simple manner I take little thought about the security issues that some decisions may lead to, something as trivial as a password, the single and only key to most of the websites and common places I visit and something so tight to my web identity that if found it could let to identity thief. Along the years I have created countless accounts, so many to remember even in which website I am or not registered and so I found myself in a vulnerability. In which sites have I registered and how many of those sites have the same password been used? To just imagine this vital and private information in the wrong hands could turn my entire world apart and that was something I was not willing to let happened. Think just for a second that one of this small website is attacked and that its user’s information’s is compromised, this simple slip could cost you a ton of money IF the same password you use for is the same as amazons one.

-laughs in spanish-

That is the reason I decided that It was time to move on, because my lack of security was placing me at risk for others to make it easy to be hacked. This was my motivation to make use of password managers and get to know how they can change the way I use the internet, how I contact different websites and how to store a secure password.

Accessibility was one of the mayor factors that kept me at bay whenever I tried to use this tools but now is not complicated to move along with my passwords on the other hand, the ease of access is one of the reasons that I like the password manager last pass (see because it’s easy to keep track of my passwords among many computers, cellphones and tablets or any other digital device I find It easy to use.

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Computer science student at ITESM

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